To Find Lifetime Cycle Count

Find the lifetime total count of your machine

Neopost Hasler Formax FP Inserters:
For DS-63 Hasler M3300, DS-75 M5500 DS-80 DS-85 etc:
Go to “Menu” > “Supervisor Menu” and enter the code 4351
Then go to “Service Counters”

For DS-62 Hasler M3000 etc:
Similar to above except use code: 4331

Neopost SI-68 and similar models:
Go to Job Menu> Service Menu> Total System> Service Counters
The code is 4351.

Neopost Quadient DS-75i FPI 4700 Series etc:
Turn the machine on and go to the touch screen.
Login as “service” and use pincode 4351
Click the flyout tab on the left side of the screen and click Service.
Then go to “Information”
Then choose “System Counter”

*Be careful not to adjust any settings while in service mode!

Pitney Bowes DA series and Secap SA series printers:
Press “Online” button to take it off line.
Hold down “Menu” button for several seconds to access the “Setup menu”
Use + or – to go through the options till you get to “ROM Revision #”
Press “Enter” to see the “Maintenance count” which is the total number of cycles accumulated. It will display after the firmware version.

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