Pitney Bowes W350 Tabber Upgrade

Has your Pitney Bowes w350 tabber been upgraded for 1.5″ tabs?

A common question people ask is, “How can I tell if my w350 can run the larger 1.5″ tabs?”

The larger 1.5″ tabs are popular now and are now required by the USPS for certain mail pieces. The USPS may be soon phasing out the small 1″ tabs completely.

The new requirements for 1.5″ tabs on larger mailpieces went into effect in 2009 so only tabbers manufactured since then were made with the capability to run the larger tabs. If your w350 was manufactured before 7/20/2009, then it is limited to 1″ tabs. There are so many w350 tabbers out there that you will find that almost all tabbers on the used market do NOT support the 1.5″ tabs.

If you are not sure of your manufacture date or are not sure if you machine has been upgraded, there are simple ways to tell.
One way to tell would be to try to run 1.5″ tabs through your tabber. If the tabber is not upgraded, they will not fit through the machine and it will jam and make a mess before you can even get one tab on your mail pieces.

An easy way to tell is to measure this slot in the metal deck of the machine:

If your tabber has been upgraded, this slot will measure 1-5/8″ wide. If your tabber has not been upgraded, it will only measure about 1-1/4″ wide.

Another thing to check:

This shaft holds the roll of tabs on the machine. If the tabber has been upgraded then this shaft will stick out from the black spool about 2″. If the tabber has not been upgraded it will only stick out from the black spool about 1-3/8″.

Pitney Bowes and Secap are no longer upgrading these machines for end users. However, we still have upgraded machines available for sale.

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