Pitney Bowes W350 FAQ

Pitney Bowes w350 Tabber Frequently Asked Questions

Q: A common question people ask is, “How can I tell if my w350 can run the larger 1.5″ tabs?”
A: Go here to see Information on upgraded 1.5″ Pitney Bowes w350 tabbers.

Q: You say to watch out for other sellers who wrongly say their tabber can run 1.5″ tabs. Why would sellers lie and say their tabber can do 1.5” tabs when it can’t?
A: Sellers do not intentionally mislead when they advertise their w350 tabber. They just get the specifications from the Pitney Bowes or Secap website. You can’t blame them for assuming the specifications match their machine. The fact is that the specifications changed in 2010 and so Pitney Bowes put the new specifications on their site to match the new machines that they now sell. The problem is that almost all of the tabbers on the used market are older then 2010 and so they need an upgrade to match the new specifications.

Q: Can you upgrade my tabber? “I mistakenly bought a tabber on ebay that can only run 1” tabs. Can you upgrade it for me?”
A: No. We can only get upgrades for machines that we sell.

Q: Can I buy a kit to upgrade my machine myself or can I just buy the parts?
A: No, there is no kit or upgrade parts available. The reason for this, is that the machine has to be completely disassembled and have some major parts replaced. These parts are not considered wear parts and so they are not available.

Q: How much wear are on your rebuilt tabbers?
A: We only buy lightly used machines. We have all new parts rollers, bearings, belts but usually these don’t need to be replaced because the machines are very lightly used.

Q: What kind of tabs do I need to buy?
A: We sell tabs in our store for your convenience. You need a roll size of 4,000 or 5,000 tabs that have the black box behind the tab with white space between each tab. This applies to Frosted or Clear tabs. White tabs can have a plain white backing.

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