Square Flap Attachment Options for Maag Mercure Envelope Sealers

The Maag Mercure envelope sealer is a versatile machine. It can be configured and adjusted many ways to seal a wide variety of envelopes.
Maag Mercure Envelope Sealer
The model Taurus is the most common model. It comes standard configured for regular US commercial flap envelopes and envelopes with square/rectangular flaps up to around an inch long.
If you need to seal envelopes with a longer square/rectangular flap you will find that it will run much better with some upgrades. We have several options for you.

These square/rectangular flaps attachments fit on the moistening basin arm.

The first 2 in this list will solve most people’s problems:
Moistening Roller Special for Long Square Flaps Maag Mercure Part 250
Flaps Feeding Bar for Large Flaps Square Flaps Maag Mercure Part 607SF

You may also need this if your long square flaps are not opening when going under the opening blade:
Flaps Feeding Plate For Moistening Basin Arm Large Flaps Square Flaps Maag Mercure Part 609SF

If you switch often back and forth between regular envelopes and square/rectangular flaps envelopes you might want to also get another moistening basin arm. That way you can configure the moistening basin for square/rectangular flaps and keep the original for regular flaps because switching the whole basin out is easier than changing the parts.
Moistening Basin Arm Maag Mercure Part 604 or 605

If you have very long square flaps you might need this kit which includes a fully configured moistening basin for square/rectangular flaps and also includes a modified partition wall and can handle square/rectangular envelope flaps up to 2-7/8″ long:
Long Square Flaps Attachment Option 604SF for Taurus

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