V-710IJ Blue Shell Belt Kit with Standard Gate Streamfeeder



Condition: New
Supplier: 2nd Source

Streamfeeder V710IJ Blue Shell Complete Belt Kit with Standard Gate
This is for machines with the blue metal frame and the small standard gate o-rings.

(Qty 5) 23500162 Grooved Gum Belt, 1″ x 9″
(Qty 2) 15000076 Grooved Gum Belt, .75″ x 9″ (10076) (2x)
(Qty 3) 44675015 Reliant 27/3700 Clear Discharge Belt, 1″ Wide
(Qty 12) 23500089 Standard Gate O-Ring, Soft
(Qty 1) 44841034 Timing Belt, 206XL037
(Qty 1) 23560078 Timing Belt, 78XL037

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