Streamfeeder V-710 Refurbish Service


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Contact us first to see if your machine qualifies. It needs to be in good condition other than the rubber parts.

This service includes:
Cleaning out the machine.
Cleaning shafts and bearings
Replacing timing belts
Replacing all feed belts
Replacing all separation O-rings
Testing the feeder
Return shipping included

If it needs feed rollers they will cost additional
If it needs anything else there will be extra charges for parts and labor. We will contact you first.

We do not:
Clean off major rust
Paint the machine
Fix bent parts

Average turn-around time is 1 week. If you need it faster, let us know.

When sending the feeder to us, you must pack it well and insure it.
Use an extra heavy duty box AND 3″ minimum of bubble wrap or soft foam taped tight around the feeder on all sides and top and bottom.
If you are not sure you can pack it safely for shipping then please do not buy this service.


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