ST-1450EX Belt Kit for Streamfeeder with Advancing Gate


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This replacement belt kit fits: Streamfeeder ST-1450EX
For models with the extended exit transport.
For models without vacuum assist.
Note: There are many options on these machines. Not all these parts apply to every model. Email us pictures if you need help identifying parts.

This kit includes:
(4) 23500162 Feed Belt Gum Grooved
(1) 44759062 Grooved Gum Belt
(2) 27500016 O-Ring Discharge
(1) 23560078 Belt, Timing 78XL037
(12) 44657006 O-RING ADV ST
(1) 51438020 Belt-O-Ring (Double Detect)
(4) 51330012 Adjustable Transport O-Ring Belt
(1) 51330001 Discharge Belt 1.5″

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