90-103-09 Metering Segment Separator Gate Tip Genuine Astro Neopost Quadient (HARD)


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Condition: New
Supplier: Astro

Metering Segment – Hard (Hard works best for thinner material)
Part # 90-103-09

Aka part number:

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Separator Tip for Astro Secap Neopost Hasler Rena Pitney Bowes.

Fits many tabbers and some printers including:
Pitney Bowes W350 Secap 1030, 1012
Astro 8000, ATS-12, 9300, 9600, 9700, AJ300p, AJ500p, AJ2800, AstroJet 1000
DataTech 1020, 1012
Scriptomatic 1020, 1012
Rena Imager 1.5, Imager 2.5, Mach 5, L-250, T-250, L-350, Mach 5
Hasler HT12, HJ300p, HJ350p, HJ500p
Neopost TA-12, AS223p, AS225p, AS-950C, AS-970C
Formax Colormax7
Pitney Bowes Addressright 100, 200, 300

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