Main Board Battery for Pitney Bowes Bryce Secap Printers



Condition: New

This is the coin sized battery for the main board.

Fits Printers:
Bryce: 5K 9K 11K 13K 22K 26K 30K
Pitney Bowes: W650 W660 W680 W700 W770 W790 DA300 DA400 DA500 DA550 DA700 DA750 DA950
Secap: 5K 9K SA3000 SA3100 SA3150 SA5000 SA5300

How to change the battery in the Bryce 13K printer:
1. Unplug the printer first.
2. Take the back cover off of the machine and you will see the main PCB board.
3. Locate the battery on the main board. It is held in by a clip.
4. Lift up slightly on the clip with your fingernail or a small screwdriver and slide the old battery out and the new one in. Be careful not to bend the clip up too far causing it to break.
The first time you restart the printer it will still show the battery error but then it will go away.


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