Pitney Bowes Printers Setup Troubleshooting Parts Info

This Page Applies To:
Pitney Bowes Models DA30S, DA50S, DA55S, DA70S, DA75S, DA80F, DA95F.
Secap Models SA3000, SA3100, SA3150, SA3300, SA3350, SA5000, SA5300.

Installing the Driver:
Download the latest driver on this page CLICK HERE.
NOTE: Please first remove and uninstall all other printers on the computer you will be using. It’s best to have a dedicated printer for addressing to avoid driver conflicts.
Driver Installation Instructions:
1) Download the printer driver file.
2) Navigate to your Downloads folder.
3) Right-click on the downloaded file and select Extract All.
4) Select a location to extract the files and select Extract.
5) In the extraction location, double-click on setup.exe and follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation.

You can download the driver installation help guide CLICK HERE.

Ink Cartridges:
Shop for ink on this page CLICK HERE.
Download the ink cartridge care guide CLICK HERE.

Operator’s Manuals:
DA30s DA50s DA55s SA3000 SA3100 SA3150
DA70s DA75s SA3300 SA3350
DA80f SA5000
DA95f SA5300

Troubleshooting and FAQ:
Download the Troubleshooting and FAQ guide CLICK HERE.
Please remove and uninstall any other printers on the computer that you will be using for addressing. It is best to do this before installing the driver to avoid driver conflicts. This applies to all addressing printers.

Download the parts manuals: Parts Manuals Page Here
Shop for Pitney Bowes Secap parts CLICK HERE.

Maintenance Notes:
Please use a surge protector to protect the printer from electrical surges.
Keep the printer clean. Clean paper dust out with compressed air.
Never apply grease to shuttle head assembly. Wipe the metal shaft with cotton cloth and alcohol to clean if needed.
DA950 Feeder Setup Information.
DA950 DA95F SA5300 30K Changing Media Transport Belts Instructions.

Notes on Discontinued Models
Pitney Bowes DA950 / Secap SA5300
For this printer you can use the newer DA95F driver to setup this printer on Windows 10.
You will also need to USE THIS CABLE for this DA950 / SA5300 (old style) printer instead of a regular USB cable. This is important because the old printer’s USB firmware is not compatible with new computers.

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