Neopost Inserters Service and General Maintenance

This page has service information for Neopost, Hasler, Formax and FP inserters.

Mechanical / Technical ability is required for most of these procedures. If you are not confident in your mechanical ability, please contact a professional to service your machine.
Always unplug your machine before taking anything apart.

Machines Covered
Neopost: SI-62, SI-68, SI-76, SI-82, DS-62, DS-63, DS-64i, DS-70, DS75, DS75i, DS-80, DS-85, DS-85i, DS-86
And similar models from Hasler, Formax and FP.
Note: Not everything on this page applies to all models.

General Info
Keep a copy of the operator manual with the machine and and follow the instructions for proper use of the inserter, maintaining and keeping it clean.
Envelopes For Inserters
Inserter Supervisor Pin Code
To Find Lifetime Cycle Count

General Maintenance
Please keep your inserter clean by blowing it out with compressed air. Ideally use an air compressor to remove dust that builds up in the machine.
When servicing it, remove the covers and blow it out with air at least once a year or every 100k pieces.
Lubrication: (Do NOT use too much oil or grease. A little is enough.)
For plastic pulley-gears use white lithium grease.
For bearings, bushings and chain use extra light oil: 3 in one or tool oil – use very little, just enough to shine things up some.
Inserter Feed Tires for Neopost Hasler Formax and FP

Service Guides By Part
Replacing inserter feed tires Neopost
Replacing Envelope Feed Wheels Neopost
Replacing Yellow Collator Belts Neopost
Replacing Cleaning Moistener Brushes and Cloth Neopost
Replacing 4 Upper Transport Rollers Neopost
Replacing 38mm White Tires Neopost

Preventative Maintenance Parts By Model
DS-86 DS-90 M8000 M8500 6602 6604 Service Parts Preventative Maintenance
DS-75 M5500 FPi-4500 6304 Service Parts Preventative Maintenance

The Most Common Replacement Parts
Brushes and Cloth
Paper Feed Tires, Choose: Premium Paper Feed Wheels Kit Or Economy Paper Feed Wheels Kit
Yellow Collator Belts Set of 3
Upper Transport Rollers Set
Outer Envelope Feed Wheels Kit

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