Maag Mercure Training and Troubleshooting

Setup and Training Videos for the Maag Mercure and Formax FD 430 Envelope Sealers

Sealer Assembly Video

User Training Part 1 Video

User Training Part 2 Video

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If you are sealing square flaps envelopes, check out this Page about Maag Mercure Square Flaps Attachments.

Common Problems and Solutions for Maag Mercure Envelope Sealers

(We will update this page as needed. If you have a problem or a solution to contribute send us an email.)

Problem: Too much water on the envelope flap
Possible Solutions:

  • Adjust the 2 threaded feet on the back of the machine to tip the machine more backwards to reduce the water level at the front of the sealing basin. Please note you must use the sealer on a solid flat table to keep the water level consistent.
  • If you are using a long square flap you will want to Use This Moistening Roller to eliminate wetting the top area of the flap.
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