Inserter Feed Tires for Neopost Hasler Formax and FP

This information applies to many Neopost Hasler, Formax and Franco Postalia Inserters including:
Neopost SI62, SI68, DS-62, DS-63, DS-70, DS-75, DS-80, DS-85, DS-86 and others
Hasler M3000/M3001/M3002/M3003/M4000/M5000/M5500/M8500 and others
Formax FD 630 Series, FD 640 Series, 6202, 6204, 6302, 6304, 6402, 6404 and others
Franco Postalia inserters

The feed tires / wheels are the most common parts that need to be replaced on these inserters. There is a set of 4 tires that are needed for each station (tray).
Common signs that you need new feed tires:

  • Sheets are not being pulled in.
  • Sheets are being pulled in partially and the inserter is stopping.
  • Double sheets are being pulled.
  • Paper feed errors.

We have several different options for you. The following numbers are approximate:

Low Volume Feed Wheel Set – These are the lowest priced option to get your inserter back to work. These wheels work well and are a great option if you are a low volume user under 5K pieces a month. These wheels can last you 1-2 years.

Hard to Feed Glossy Pages Feed Wheels Set – These are specially made for hard to feed glossy stocks. These are a softer rubber that grips really well. The downside of softer rubber is shorter life expectancy. If you are running up to 5K pieces a month these wheels should last you around a year.

Standard Volume Feed Wheels SetBEST VALUE – MOST POPULAR These wheels work very well and will last longer than the economy wheels when you are running average to high volume. If you are inserting more than 5k pieces a month or just want them to last longer you may want to consider these. These should last around 2 years for most users. They work well with a full range of different papers including most glossy stocks.

OEM Feed Wheels Set – These are the original feed wheels current from the equipment manufacturer. These are the most expensive because they come from Quadient. These should last 2 years for most users. They work well with a full range of different papers.

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