How To Pack Neopost Hasler Formax Inserters for Shipping

These machines are large and have to be shipped on a pallet. Make sure that you have a good solid pallet. Also make sure you have a way to load it on the truck when it comes. If you do not have a dock or a forklift, you will need to request liftgate service.
Here are some packaging tips:

-Start by making sure you have all of the parts and accessories that go with it. Wrap them each in bubble wrap.
-Remove all the paper trays from the inserter and wrap each one in bubble wrap.
-The paper feed stations are hinged and they need to be padded so they don’t bounce when shipping. If they bounce too much they will break. It is very important to keep them from bouncing by either stuffing bubble wrap or soft foam in them to hold them in place. See the pictures below.

-Wrap the whole machine in stretch wrap to protect it from being scratched, from moisture or from parts coming loose.

-Choose a pallet that is in good condition. Make sure it is big enough so that the entire machine fits on it without any parts sticking over the edge. If any part is sticking over the edge it will probably get damaged.
-Put several layers of cardboard down on the pallet to make a platform.
-If possible pack the whole machine in a large strong box with loose bubble wrap or large chunks of soft foam or crumpled paper. If you don’t have a large box you can wrap the machine in at least 3 layers of bubble wrap and tape the bubble wrap in place.
-Strap the box (or the machine) to the pallet. Strap it down so it does not move to slide off the pallet. If you do not have pallet strapping equipment you can get ratcheting straps from a hardware store.
-Wrap the packed box (or machine) in stretch wrap and tie the stretch wrap to the pallet. This will protect it from rain and also help to keep in from coming off the pallet.

Here are some of the common accessories for these inserters that need to be wrapped in bubble wrap and packed in boxes. There are usually multiple paper feed trays.

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