How to Pack for UPS FedEx and Freight

We pack all items very well!

How to Pack for UPS / FedEx / DHL

If you are sending a machine to us via UPS be sure to pack it well following the UPS guidelines to avoid shipping damage.

  • Wrap the machine in multiple layers of bubble wrap, wrapped tightly and taped in place.
  • Wrap individual parts so they don’t scratch against the machine.
  • Make sure there are at least 3 inches of space between each side and top and bottom of the machine and the side of the box. Fill this space with packing material.
  • If the machine weighs more than 30 pounds, double box it. Pack it in one box and then put that box inside of another box. If you have a single triple walled cardboard box that will work too.

How to Pack for Freight Shipping

Please follow these guidelines when preparing something for freight shipping.

  • Wrap all the parts so they don’t scratch against each other.
  • Wrap the machine(s) in bubble wrap and put in heavy duty cardboard boxes if possible.
  • Put everything on a pallet and make sure that nothing is sticking over the side of the pallet.
  • Strap everything down tight to the pallet and wrap with stretch wrap so nothing falls off.

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