How to Clean Rubber Rollers and Belts on Mailing Equipment

This is the best way to clean feeder belts, paper feed wheels, feed tires and pull tires from the ink, glaze and dust that builds up on them.

Get a small spray bottle.
Put 1 cup of water and 1 Table spoon of Ivory Dish Soap in, mix well. Only use Ivory dishsoap, other soaps will not work the same.
Use a terry cloth rag, spray the rag only and use it to remove any film or grease easily.
Let dry well before using machine.
Nothing will clean natural rubber better and leave no trace.

Soap and water. (Recipe above).
Simple Green
Rubber Rejuvenator type rubber cleaners are fine to use once in a while but should not be used often.

Do not use alcohol to clean rubber rollers or belts. Alcohol dries out the rubber and decreases it’s life.
Do not use heavy duty de-greasers or solvents because they will also dry out and rubber and decrease it’s life.

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