Accufast XL Labeler Postage Stamp Affixer Specs


The XL is the best table top labeler on the market. Consider a few of its design features that translate into instant productivity and reliability.

The Labeling head slides from side to side allowing the label to be placed just about anywhere on the piece.
The head pops off for instant maintenance, cleaning and jam removal.
The built in feeder can feed pieces in portrait or landscape direction allowing for use as a labeler, stamp affixer or tab applicator.
It’s quiet
It’s built tough enough to do millions. Steel, no plastic.
Touch pad electronic controls.
Recommended use: Up to 25k pieces a month.

Proven for productivity and reliability, the XL is the best table top stamp affixer on the market.
labels up to 15,000 pieces per hour
Proven reliability and durability
Labels/Stamps pieces 5″ to 16″ wide, from 20 lb. thin to 1/4″ thick, coated and uncoated
Runs machine-grade labels/stamps 1″ to 4″ high, up to 6″ wide on backer with or without tractor holes
USPS stamp roll kit/roll adapter, minimum 1″ width, 3″ core, 10″ roll max diameter
No need to re-thread labels, splicing takes seconds
Labels/Stamps are applied in plain sight
Job set-ups are programmed and saved with up-to-the-minute digital electronics
Built-in diagnostics
Built-in waste take-up spool and counter
Hopper holds 100 envelopes
Holds up to 10k roll of stamps (Optional Stamp Kit required)
English and Metric units
Zip Code® at the push of a button
Weighs 69 pounds, Measures 20″l x 21″w x 16″h (25″ h with stamp kit)
Uses 115 volts 2 amps 60 Hz or 230 volts 1 amp 50 Hz
This machine is a complete “stand alone” machine but it can also work inline with other machines.
Optional conveyor available
Sliding head for simple and exact label positioning
LCD status panel signifies jams, full take-up spool, exact label position and other conditions
Easy all-over access means quick maintenance
Outstanding feature of one-touch “on the fly” adjustment for all key positioning
Solid Steel Construction
Made in USA

Accufast XL Labeler: $4,560.00
Accufast XL Labeler w/ optional Stamp Kit: $4,710.00


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