Addressing and Coding Ink Information and Troubleshooting

Many of our inkjet cartridge products are re-manufactured. This means they were taken apart, cleaned, assembled and refilled with high quality ink and carefully tested on original equipment.
Many of our customers have found the ink we provide to be a great value. All of our ink is specially formulated for addressing and coding and some of these formulas are only available in re-manufactured cartridges.

Our ink is high quality and each cartridge is tested on precise equipment. However it is possible to have a faulty ink cartridge on rare occasions (less than 5%).
We recommend you always keep extra cartridges on hand to avoid running out if you find a faulty one. We will be glad to replace the faulty ink cartridge for free but we will not be able to rush ship a free one by next day air because you did not have a spare. Please always plan ahead.
Contact us if you have any performance problem with an ink cartridge and we will replace it for free.


New to addressing inks? Check out our Ink Care Guide HERE.
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Problem: Ink is very faint or is not printing but the cartridge is not empty.
Solution: It may be that the ink has dried in the print nozzles. If the cartridge is left uncapped for a period of time the ink will dry out. In most cases this can be fixed by taking a lint-free cloth or soft paper towel and wetting it with water and gently cleaning the ink nozzles of the cartridge while holding the cartridge right side up. When the nozzles are clean the ink will freely streak onto the wet cloth when wiping it. Be sure to dry the contacts before re-inserting the ink cartridge. Refer to the Ink Care Guide pdf above.

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