Tabs Wrinkling and Jamming in Tabber

Super Translucent Tabs Problem

Are you having problems with cheap “Super Translucent” tabs? Try our tabs they are BETTER QUALITY!

“Super Translucent” tabs are very thin paper tabs. Because they are so thin they tend to have more problems with wrinkling tearing and jamming the tabber. This tends to be more of a problem in table top tabbers. Because of this we do not recommend the Super Translucent tabs.

Our translucent tabs are the highest quality and will run great in all tabbers. They also look very good too!

All of our tabs are made locally in Texas, USA and are the highest quality tabs available. These are guaranteed to work great with the tabbers that we sell. We have a special arrangement with the factory that makes these so we always have them in stock and they are fresh.

Order your TABS HERE!

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