Replacement for Pitney Bowes 6100 Sealer

Do you need a replacement for your old worn out Pitney Bowes 6100 sealer? You may not be able to get your 6100 sealer rebuilt anymore because many of the parts are not available since it has been discontinued for so long. If you are sealing 9 x 12 envelopes or 10 x 13 envelopes and need a large sealer we have a new model that can do it.

The new Mercury S Series models have the following standard features:
Max envelope height of 13″ for up to catalog size envelopes
Nested and stacked piling option (for open or closed flaps)

You can purchase it here:

Clean Machine Mailing is an authorized dealer for Maag Mercure and we can provide all parts and service.

Mercury S Envelope Sealer n109-1

Mercury S Max Envelope

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