New Maag Mercure Envelope Sealer Mercury S Series

Maag Mercure has new Mercury S series envelope sealer models available. Contact us at (469) 420-0097 for best pricing. Parts for all models including the Saturn 115 are available through us.
Check our selling page to see the current prices.
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The new Mercury models have the following standard features:
Max envelope height of 13″ for up to catalog size envelopes
Nested and stacked piling option (for open or closed flaps)
Long receiving tray

Here is the info on the new Mercury models:
Mercury S (base model with no counter or automatic (IR) start/stop, msrp $6330.)
Mercury SC (base model with piece counter, msrp $6830)
Mercury SIR (base model with automatic (IR) start/stop, msrp $6990)
Mercury SIRC (base model with piece counter, automatic (IR) start/stop, msrp $7560)

Envelope sealing machine
Automatic envelope sealer machine.

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