Hasler Neopost Inserter Misfeed Double Feed Problems

If you have a table-top folder inserter and you are having mis-feed problems then it may be time for a feed tires tune up kit. Each tray has a corresponding set of 4 rubber tires that help with the feeding and separation of the sheets. A set of tires will last for about 200k cycles. When they start to wear out, you will get misfeeds and double feeds that will cause jams or machine stoppage.
To inspect your feed tires:
Remove the paper trays
Examine the rubber feed tires. For each paper tray there are 2 pull tires and there are 2 separation tires behind them. The rubber should have good grip and not be hard or smooth. The bottom separation wheel should not have any flat spots.

If you need new sets of feed tires you can get them here:
Inserter Tune Up Feed Tires Kit Hasler Neopost Franco Postalia FP Formax Rollers

You can change the feed tires yourself if you have some basic mechanical ability. The covers of the inserter have to be removed from the machine to access the feed wheel shafts. We include a printed instruction sheet with every order that shows the procedure step by step with pictures.

This applies to many Neopost Hasler, Formax and FP Franco Postalia Inserters including:
Neopost SI62, SI65, SI66, SI68, SI70, SI72, SI76, SI78, SI82, DS62, DS63, DS70, DS75, DS80, DS85, DS86
Hasler M3000/M3001/M3002/M3003/M4000/M5000/M5500/M8500
Formax FD 630 Series, FD 640 Series, 6202, 6204, 6302, 6304, 6402, 6404
Franco Postalia FPi-2000 FPi-4030 FPi-4500 FPi-5000 FPi-5500

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